Chant Concert for the Feast of St Gregory the Great

2016.03.10 · 12.00
St David’s Episcopal Church

Schola Aliquando will present its first concert (as opposed to Organ Vespers) as part of the Lenten Concerts at Noon at St David’s Episcopal Church. The program will feature chant in honor of and associated with Pope Gregory I, who amidst a busy career (before and during his pontificate) in diplomacy, administration, contemplation, writing, and apostolic work, was involved in liturgical reforms at Rome and is traditionally credited with the reorganization, and even the composition, of the chant that now bears his name. His traditional feast day is 12 March. My friend and colleague Barbara Manson, director of the St Augustine Latin Mass Choir at St Mary’s Cathedral and a member of Schola Aliquando, will share the directing responsibilities.