Fall preview

I’m looking forward to several opportunities this fall.

Choral Evensong for Holy Cross Day
Thursday 14 September
St David’s Episcopal Church

The St David’s Singers will sing Evensong for Holy Cross Day (the Exaltation of the Holy Cross) mostly to plainsong, which I’ll enrich with organ versets by Frescobaldi and from the Visby Tablature (attributed to Hieronymus Praetorius) and Christ Church MS 89.

Fall Recital
Friday 29 September
Redeemer Presbyterian Church

This program of outstanding works by Raquet, Cabezón, Fischer, Scherer, Correa de Arauxo, Steffens, H. Praetorius/Scheidemann, Gibbons, Merula, L. Couperin, and Muffat will be enriched by the retuning of the magnificent Holbrook-Fisk organ to quarter-comma meantone: a rare opportunity to hear these works in the temperament they were most likely originally imagined for.

Requiem for All Faithful Departed
Thursday 2 November
St David’s Episcopal Church

I’ve been asked to lead the St David’s Parish Choir in the traditional plainsong of the Requiem, as well as some polyphony, for this All Souls’ Day service.

500 Years: Sorbs and the Reformation

Meanwhile, I’m pleased to have the opportunity to design the large-format and heavily illustrated new English translation of this originally dual-language (German/Sorbian) book about the effects of the Protestant Reformation upon the Sorbs, a Slavic people of eastern Germany, for the Concordia University Press.