Fall recital

¶  Friday 29 September
     Feast of St Michael & All Angels
     Redeemer Presbyterian Church

Racquet: Fantasy on ‘Regina coeli’
Cabezón: Tiento I del 2º tono
Fischer: Passacaglia from ‘Urania’
Scherer: Intonationes septimi & octavi toni
Correa de Araujo: Tiento LIII de medio registro de 2 tiples de 2º tono
Steffens: Jesus Christus unser Heiland
H. Praetorius/Scheidemann: Benedicam Dominum
Gibbons: A Fancy in Gamutt flat
Merula: Capriccio cromatico
L. Couperin: Four Fantaisies (May 1656)
Muffat: Toccata III

T his program of outstanding works mostly of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries – from the brilliant Racquet and Scheidemann pieces to Steffens’s strong choral-fantasia, the introspective Cabezón and Couperin, the charming Scherer, the restless Fischer and Gibbons, the rhapsodic Correa, and mercurial Merula and Muffat – will be enriched by the retuning of the magnificent Holbrook-Fisk organ to quarter-comma meantone: a rare opportunity to hear these works in the temperament they were most likely originally imagined for. I’m indebted as always to George Dupere and the Redeemer congregation for the kind invitation and for their generosity with this instrument.