Spring recital at St Austin

¶  Monday 25 April 2016
     St Austin Catholic Parish

I ’ll return to St Austin Catholic Parish 25 April not for Organ Vespers, but for a solo recital on the beautiful Baroque-style instrument there. The program will include Byrd’s ‘Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la’ (hexachord fantasia), a lovely partita on ‘Vater unser im Himmelreich’ by twentieth-century Dutch-German composer Jan Bender, two of the very fine fantasias from Anthoni van Noordt’s Tabulatuur-boeck (Amsterdam, 1659), one of Michelangelo Rossi’s rather mercurial toccatas, the sweet ciacona from Georg Muffat’s Apparatus musico-organisticus (1690), and a suite of pieces on the first tone selected from Jacques Boyvin’s two Livres d’Orgue (1689, 1700). In such an inspiring setting, it’s a pleasure to explore the interaction between music and instrument, composer and interpreter, and easy to feel connected to these musicians and their work.