Requiem for All Faithful Departed

All Souls’ Day
2017.11.02 · 19.30
St David’s Episcopal Church

It’s my privilege to be leading the St David’s Parish Choir and friends in the traditional chants of the Requiem Mass on All Souls’ Day. We’re also singing Gombert’s massive and rich six-voice setting of ‘Media vita in morte sumus’, more or less based upon the traditional chant for that text, and the subtle and sublime ‘I heard a voice from heaven’ from Morley’s Burial Anthems, perhaps the earliest setting of the English Burial service we have.

It was also a joy to sing these chants for a funeral Requiem last week at St Mary’s Cathedral, the Church offering up prayers with all due and all possible solemnity for an elderly lady unknown neither to myself nor to many others anymore. It’s not only for our friends and family, but for people like her and for untold others forgotten and unknown, that we offer prayers at All Souls’.
Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine.