Recitals this fall

¶  Recital on the Holbrook Organ Series
     19 September 2014
     Redeemer Presbyterian Church

The nearly perfect acoustical environment (thanks to Dana Kirkegaard) of Redeemer’s parish hall is the temporary home of the unique and very fine 1862 Holbrook / 1966 Fisk organ most recently housed in the west gallery of Harvard Memorial Church. (When Redeemer’s new church building is built, it will house Fisk Op. 46 that until recently was at the east end of the same Memorial Church.) I’m pleased to be presenting a program of expressive works by Brahms, Buxtehude, Cabanilles, Cornet, Correa, L. Couperin, Fischer, Froberger, and Mendelssohn that will show what only nine stops – boldly and beautifully voiced, with elegant key action, unequal temperament, gently flexible winding, and enjoying the aforementioned acoustics – can do. Thanks to George Dupere, Redeemer’s Chief Musician, for the invitation.

¶  Recital on the Great Organ Series
     Bates Recital Hall, University of Texas at Austin
     16 November 2014

I’ll be returning for my third recital in ten years on the four-manual, 66-stop Visser-Rowland organ in UT’s Bates Recital Hall, which at the time of its completion in 1983 was the largest mechanical-action organ in the country (as they say, everything’s bigger in Texas). The instrument offers a wealth of registrational possibilities, including a wide array of principal and trumpet choruses, two horizontal reeds, a battery of cylindrical- and short-resonator reeds, an ample supply of flute and mutation stops, including Septime and None ranks in the Rugwerk and a 1-foot Fluitje in the Pedaal, etc. I look forward to putting it through its paces. Thanks to Prof. Matthias Maierhofer for the invitation.