Thanks again for a superb recital!
You’re the best!
You certainly know by now that you are one of my very favoritest players (a list that is not very long, I should say!)
        Gerre Hancock

Your playing was simply superb. Thrilling performance played with understanding.
        Keith Womer
        Director, La Follia Austin Baroque

Didn’t take the opportunity to tell you very much about how greatly I enjoyed your latest recital. Selection of works, technique, interpretation, registration, all very impressive...
Your careful interpretations and elegant registrations were so welcome and most enjoyable. I really appreciate all the hard work that led to this wonderful result – it was well worth it!
        Harold Rutz
        Professor Emeritus;
        Chair of Music Department
        Concordia University Texas

I don’t know when I have enjoyed a recital as much as the one last night by Eric Mellenbruch ... Precise and well-thought-out, as I would have expected, but with the phrasing and timing of a choral conductor or a good singer. Lots of one-stop-at-a-time, so we heard all the lovely colors ... it was like he took the organ apart and then used the parts to build a new structure. Very musical. Also, very dramatic. I thought about the preacher who is so eloquent because he is so well educated but who does not wear that education like he is showing off his fancy clothes.
        Ross King